Beirut skyline

Middle East Mission Trips

Arabs for Christ is an organization with a long term vision, however we need extra folks from time to time. For many this provides a chance to experience life on the field, and a chance to experience a new culture.

Although, we will give you 2 days off during the week which you can go and see things... Generally you will be here on a mission to reach out to folks with the Gospel.

Throughout the Arab world you will not find freedom, except here in Lebanon. Here you will find Arabs from all over. You will meet people from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq, and even Persians from Iran.

Though, you might not be able to speak Arabic you can certainly hand them a Bible. Remember, they might not ever have a chance to get the Word in their country but in Lebanon they can. Many from Saudi Arabia are heavily educated so you would even be able to talk to them in English. batroun

Be sure to look into more Information about us then get in touch with us saying how long you would like to come out.

We do our best to keep prices down. We do not want someone to come out here and pay too much. I have seen time and time where someone is asked to pay 5,000 dollars for a month trip with an organization when in reality the price should be a quarter (or more!) of that. For costs, just do the math yourself. Look at or somewhere and calculate a flight to Lebanon, plus maybe 30 to 40 dollars a week for food. That would leave you with pleanty of extra spending money as well.

Bellow are some old videos from previous years showing evangelism out here.