Bible Storying for Muslim audiences

This story takes place in 2 Kings 7
The city of Samria was surrounded by a great army.
The people of the city were hungry because of the siege. They were not able to leave the city as they would be killed.
Elisha went to the captain and told him that tomorrow there would be food. He didn't believe so he told him that he would see the food but not eat of it.
Meanwhile, there were four lepers who lived at the gates of the city. They decided that they would go into the enemy camp and plead for mercy.
When they arrived, they found that the camp was empty.
The Lord had made a loud noise and scared away all of the enemies.
They all ate lots of food.
One of them stood up and said "We have good news but are silent, we must tell the others."
So they went and told the gaurd at the gates.
Soon many people were coming and taking as much food as they could carry.
The captain saw the food but did not eat of it.
Just as they had a responsibility to share the good news of food that was life to those who were dying of starvation so much more must we preach the Gospel to those who are parishing.

Talking points:

What good news do you have that you should share?

Why was it wrong for them not to share with others?

Which is more important their sharing the food, or us sharing the Gospel? Why?

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I have just completed work on this book that details how I began to work among the Turkmen.

The Turkmen are a minority group that are found throughout the Middle East. This book combines both instruction and also personal stories of my time with them.

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What stories do you like to use?

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