The need of a Levantine Turkmen translation

This short paper is written in defense of the need for the Bible to be translated into the Levantine Turkmen language which, until now, has been falsely classified as being southern Azeri. With this paper I hope to show the difference between them and also the great need for a translation to exist in Levantine […]

Turkmen Bible Translation: update

After much hard work, the Gospel of John draft is now complete. Now begins the much long process of editing it, and hopefully within three months we will have something ready to be distributed in Iraq to the many Turkmen that have been displaced there from the war with ISIS. Copies of the Gospel of […]

General Update

We have gone through many changes since February. Our team was expelled from Lebanon. We have been forced to move into different areas. For the time being, we will not be accepting new folks overseas. However, in the US some of our team mates are starting out an outreach to Arabs in New Jersey. Soon, […]

I am a Christian

I spend a lot of time in refugee camps. While in camps I tend to do limited medical help, first aide mostly and then I share Bible stories with whoever listens. In one of the camps that we go to, there are three boys that typically listen to the Bible Stories. When one of the […]

Turkmen Bible Translation

The Turkmen are a large people group that exist throughout the Middle East. They have many different tribes, and differ greatly from the Turks in both language and in culture. The Turkish language uses Latin letters like English. The Turkmen of the Middle East generally do not know this alphabet and so that puts the […]

Training Material

Here in Lebanon, the team we have made up is a mixture of Arabs, Kurds, and Americans. A lot of the time it can be difficult when it comes to finding training material that can be given to everyone at once. During team meetings, I can generally translate everything in the meeting so that everyone […]

Free Ebook – Turkmania

We have just completed work on the book Turkmania. Turkmania, was land owned by the Turkmen in Iraq. This book talks about the various minority groups in the Middle East, as well as strategies of how to reach out to them. So, if you are interested in learning more about doing evangelism among Muslims, this […]

Life as a Muslim background believer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to come to Christ from another background? If you grew up in the States, it probably is not something that you have considered. In the States generally, it is of little difference if someone comes to Christ from a different religion. However, in the Middle East […]

Mission trip to Lebanon?

We are currently looking for two interns for this upcoming summer. You will get an experience in doing evangelism on the streets and also inside of the Syrian refugee camps. Unlike other missionary organizations we do not charge for people to come on board with us. Interns nearly need to pay for their own flight […]


When doing evangelism, how often are you seeing your results multiplied? How many people have you seen come to Christ and also begin to share with others? What strategy do you have for the future?