Jesus heals man born lame

This story set is real important for Muslims to listen to, as Muslims reject both the divinity of Christ and the death of Christ on the Cross. We hope you enjoy using it. Please provide us with feedback in how it has been working for you.  

The Calling of Elisha

How were you called to ministry? What if you were out ploughing in a field when a strange man came to you and put his jacket on you? Well, that is what happened to Elisha. This story is about leaving everything to follow after God’s call. Is God first in your life?

Training videos

During our team meetings here, we usually have a time of sharing highlights from the week, prayer, schedules, then I like to do something for training. We have been using storying methods a lot in the refugee camps among the Syrian Refugees. For the training, I usually have one team member share two Bible Stories, […]

Chariots of Fire

Here is the newest Bible Story Set. This story, I would probably use among believers. However, it might be good to show to Muslims to express to them the difference between Christianity and Islam namely that we are commanded to love our enemies, or that God is stronger than our two hands. Prayer is a […]

Jesus and the Adulterous Woman

This new image set takes place in John 8

The Parable of the Talents

This is the parable of the Talents. I would probably use this story with people who are already professing Christ.

Foolish Rich Man: story set

This is by far the shortest Bible story that we have made so far. It comes from Luke 12.

Wedding Party: story set

This parable is taken out of Matthew 22. This is a deep parable that has many areas that you can explore with the people that you are sharing with. It is easy to use this story and focus on many different areas: holiness, role of the believer, the wrath of God in this and the […]

Lazarus and the rich man

This is another story set that would be good to share with someone that is already believing to encourage them to share the Gospel with people around them.

Good News but remain quiet: Image set

This story takes place in 2 Kings 7