Mission trip to Lebanon?

We are currently looking for two interns for this upcoming summer. You will get an experience in doing evangelism on the streets and also inside of the Syrian refugee camps.

Unlike other missionary organizations we do not charge for people to come on board with us. Interns nearly need to pay for their own flight and help cover the costs of food. If you look around, you will quickly find that other organizations will ask for a couple thousand dollars for their summer programs.


If you are interested in going into full time ministry, this will give you an introduction into both the language and the culture. You will be learning how to do evangelism to Muslims as you go along.

We have two main activities that you will be involved in.

Bible Table: we setup a Bible table that says “free Bibles”. People see the sign and come over and take Bibles or ask questions. Generally, you can find some English speakers.

However, at the same time it will give you a chance to learn many basic Arabic phrases.

Camps: at the camps we do basic medicine and preach the Gospel to people in the camps. The two camps that we focus on are broken down of Arabs, Turkmen, and Korbat. There are many other people groups in the Middle East, however these are the ones that exist in the camps we focus on.

If you would like to receive more information please fill out this form. After you fill out the form a member of AFC will call you and answer any questions that you may have.

Mission trip to Lebanon?
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  1. Praise the Lord beloveth,. my name is lorenzo medel my desire is to get involed in arabic outreach. My goal is to go to Egypt. i was searching the web site for middle east missions and found you. i would like to do a mission trip. need some help!

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