Training Material

Here in Lebanon, the team we have made up is a mixture of Arabs, Kurds, and Americans. A lot of the time it can be difficult when it comes to finding training material that can be given to everyone at once. During team meetings, I can generally translate everything in the meeting so that everyone can communicate, however finding entire books that are helpful in ministry are usually only available in English.

This makes things difficult, as it is easier for me to give materials to the foreign missionaries on the team and am not as easily able to invest into the local help that we get from Syria and Turkey (sometimes).

One of the books, that I enjoy having folks read while they are out here is Making Disciples of Oral Learners.

I was very excited yesterday to find out that the book is now in Arabic. Making Disciples of Oral Learners Arabic.

They have a lot of other good books too. Check them out.

Training Material
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