Michael’s summer Update

Since February, when Johnny and I were denied reentry into Lebanon, I have
divided my time between the United States, Germany, and Turkey. While in America,
most of my time was spent regrouping, spending time with friends and family, as
well as praying about and planning the direction I would take in ministry over the
next few months.  I tried repeatedly to get in contact with people in several different
countries, but most of those contacts fell through.

admin-ajax.phpOver about the last two months, I have been staying in the city of Eskisehir in
Turkey, where there is both a large Turkish and Arab population, and have been
able to be involved with both. The city of Eskisehir strikes me as being very special
among all the different cities in Turkey. Because there are two universities here,
there is a spirit of openness and willingness to learn that is not evident in other
parts of Turkey. I have been blessed to be able to talk to people that really seem to
be searching for truth, and would like for you to join me in praying for them.

Before coming to Turkey, I was able to spend a short time in Germany (in the
cities of Munich and Bayreuth) visiting some believers I knew from Lebanon,
making new contacts, and exploring the possibility of ministering there among
refugee populations. During my time in Germany, I was able to spend some time
with people from Turkey, Iraq, and Syria, and had fruitful conversations with them.
In several weeks, when I pass through Germany again on my way to the states, I
intend to follow up with some of these people, and get a better idea of what
ministering there could look like.

In mid-October, I will return to the states, and plan to join the Gentries in ministry
for at least a short time in New Jersey. Lord willing, I will return to Turkey early next
year to resume ministry in Eskisehir, and spend more time ministering with
refugees in Germany when my visa here wears out. Please join in praying that the
Lord would make where He wants me to be clear to me, that I would walk closely
with Him, and that I would minister zealously in the Spirit for Him.

-In Christ, Michael Kegyes

Michael’s summer Update
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