Gentry Family Update

Proverbs 16:3  Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.  This is a great
promise.   How amazing it is to know and trust Jesus.  After searching out places in the world to minister and work among Arab Muslims, God has opened wide the door to Paterson, NJ.  Paterson is known as the “Silk City” for its dominant role in silk production during the latter half of the 19th century. The city is a major destination for immigrants from
the Arab and Muslim world. It has the second-largest Muslim population in the United States. Many of
the retail shops and restaurants cater to this community. The neighborhood is characterized by ha11987017_904138669672642_3213527087527223068_nlal meat
markets which offer goat and lamb; and shop signs are in Arabic. South Paterson’s Arab community is
mostly made up of Jordanians, Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian people.

While we were praying and considering the parts of the globe where Muslims live, we were introduced to
a networking organization called Global Gates.  You can find them at  They
research and find unreached people groups in major U.S. cities. Then they pray and send workers there to
love, serve and teach the plan of salvation in these “Gateway Cities”.  Much like Beirut, where people
from all over the Eastern part of the world, come and go, not only do Arabs live and work in Paterson, but
they come and go from there, back to the Middle East.

Our prayer is to introduce as many people, in whatever amount of life we have left to Jesus and His
wonderful gift of salvation.  And we know from experience, the Arab Muslim people are insulated from
this information due to culture, location and prejudice.  Our goal is to change this. We hope to find God’s
remnant in the New York, New Jersey area.  Then begin discipling and growing them to tell their friends
and family.  Please pray for us as we begin again looking for a place to live, schools for the girls and a
church family.  Please call us or e-mail us with any questions.

Friends and family who support us financially and through prayer will have a part in

-every Bible handed out

-every seed planted

-every life touched for Christ

Funds for support have to be mailed to our Missions Board in Rock Springs, WY.  Here are the details.  To send a tax
deductible donation, make checks out to Intermountain West District.  Then mail to:

Intermountain West District
P.O. Box 807
Rock Springs, WY  82902
Be sure to include a note stating that the check is support for Tim and Naomi Gentry, please do not place this note in the
“memo” field of your check.  A receipt will be mailed to at the end of the month it is received.  For our supporters with
receipt or financial questions here are two contacts at Intermountain West – Pastor Larry Johnson #1-307-389-0367 and

Pastor Richard Carlson #1-307-362-8910.

Gentry Family Update
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