Turkish Typer 1.0a

How many times have you ever had to type something in Turkish or Ottoman Turkish, but were unable to due not having the right keyboard installed?

Osmanli Turkish keyboard layouts are difficult to find.

Now you can download Turkish typer. It will make it possible to type in Turkish or Osmanli.

To type in Turkish, just type as normal until you reach a letter that does not exist in the English alphabet. Then click the letter you need, and press CTRL+V in the spot that you wish to insert it.

For Osmanli, do the same thing but with Arabic.
Download Here

I was able to type the following very quickly by using the program.

يوحنا ٣ ١٦

زيرا الله دنياي بو قدر سثدي كي كندي ابن وحيدني ويردي تاكه اڭا هر ايمان ايدن هلاك اولميوب انجق ابدي حياته مالك اوله

Yuhanna 3:16 Zira Allah dünyayı öyle sevdi ki, biricik Oğlunu verdi; ta ki, iman eden her adam helak olmasın, ancak ebedi hayati olsun.


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