Bible Storying for Muslim audiences

This story is found in Matthew 27:15

I would ask the people listening, what a killer is deserving. Then explain..

There was once a man named Barabbas. He was a killer.

The Jews presented Jesus to Pilate.

Do you not realize that I have the authority to kill you or to set you free?

"You only have what authority is given to you from above." Jesus replied

The guards took Jesus, and dressed him as a king. They mocked and beat him.

On this holiday I typically release to you a criminal. Who do you wish to have released today, Jesus the king of the Jews or Barabbas the killer? The people shouted for Barabbas

He was released

What shall I do then with Jesus? Crucify him! Crucify him!

So Jesus was whipped and then sent to be crucified.

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I have just completed work on this book that details how I began to work among the Turkmen.

The Turkmen are a minority group that are found throughout the Middle East. This book combines both instruction and also personal stories of my time with them.

Although, you might not be dealing with the Turkmen, the lessons in this book can help you wherever you find yourself serving.

What stories do you like to use?

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