Bible Storying for Muslim audiences

These are a series of images that we have made to be included in various picture sets. They help to explain the meaning to various stories. To see a larger image simply click on the picture.

This one can be useed to show the rapture. I like including this image with The Story of Lot and explaining how Jesus will come and rescue the believers as the Angels rescued Lot.

Another place would be to use it with the parable of the tares and wheat Jesus says that the wheat will be gathered, and the tares will be burned.

This picture is good to include in some stories like The Parable of the Talents to show that we need to have spiritual fruit in our lives.
This one would be good for pointing out that we cannot serve both God and Money
I use this one to explain the Law.
I usually include this one at the end of a lot of stories to point that Jesus has a way for us to heaven, there is no other way.
I include this one in the Story of Paul there was no image of him being baptized.
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I have just completed work on this book that details how I began to work among the Turkmen.

The Turkmen are a minority group that are found throughout the Middle East. This book combines both instruction and also personal stories of my time with them.

Although, you might not be dealing with the Turkmen, the lessons in this book can help you wherever you find yourself serving.

What stories do you like to use?

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