Missionary Tools

Downloadable tractsTracts and videos that you can download and print and pass out. There are also videos that you can download such as the Jesus film in Arabic, or other films that you can burn onto DVD for outreach.
Books about witnessing to MuslimsHere we have a series of books that you can download and put on a USB to go and have them printed locally. They are books about witnessing to Muslims and also how to function as a Church.
Witnessing 101Learn some basics in witnessing to Muslims. This little booklet will give you some basic ideas on how to get started in doing outreach to Muslims.
Witnessing 202Another look at witnessing to Muslims through a series of mp3s to help give you the answers that they are looking for
How to become a missionaryThis article goes into detail about how to go long-term in the middle east. Steps you need to take in order to raise money and awareness for outreach out here.
Learn ArabicThis part of the site contains free materials to help you on your path to learning the language. I have programed a few tools to help you along, and have provided some links to some other free and cheap materials that can help you out.
Bible Story image sets These are various Bible stories that AFC has paid to have produced to be used in evangelism and discipleship among oral learners.
Osmanli IncilThis page has downloads of Ottoman Turkish Bibles. It also has a couple of books that can teach you Ottoman Turkish, which is spoken by native Turkmen of Syria, Iran and Iraq. It is also very similar to Azeri spoken in Iran.
Missionary ChatroomsCome by the chat and chat with other folks that are in the field. Sometimes it is good to just sit back and talk to other brothers and sisters that share your passion for reaching folks in the Arab world for Christ.
Audio debatesAudio Debates between Muslims and Christians.
Missionary message boardsIf you have a prayer request or a question that you would like to ask fellow missionaries that are out in the field, this would be a great place to do it.