Incil osmanlica / Ottoman Bible

For myself, I have found a new use for the old manuscripts of the Ottoman texts. The Turkmen of the Middle East, still speak a varient of Osmanli. They read Arabic letters, but do not know Arabic - so having these available have proven most useful for ministry. More ...

We have available various manuscripts that you can download, or purchase. Money earned by sales here will go to purchase bibles to be distributed here in the Middle East.

(1827) ١ ىوحنا

اِبتِدَادَه كَلاَم وَار اِيدِى وَ كَلاَم اللهُڭ قَانِنده اِيدِي وَ الله كلاَم اِيدِي۔٢ بُو اِبِتدَادَه اللهُڭ قَانِنده اِيدِى۔ ٣ هَر شَى اَنُڭلَه يَرَادِلدِى وَ هِيچ بِر اَنسِز يَرَادِلمَادِى۔

(1857) ىحي ١

١ ابتداده كلام وار ايدي و كلام الله عندنده ايدي و الله كلام ايدي ٢ بو ابتداده اللهڭ عندنده ايدي ٣ هر شچ بر يرادلمش شي انسز يرادلامدي

(1910) ١ ىوحنا

١كلام ابتداده موجود ايدي و كلام اللهڭ نزدنده ايدي و كلام الله ايدي۔٢ بو كلام ابتداده اللهڭ نزدنده ايدي۔٣هر شي انك واسطه سيله وجوده كلدي و وجوده كلمش اولانلردن انسز بر شي وجوده كلمدي

Are you interested in learning Osmanli?

English Osmanli dictionaryThis is an excellent resource. I would strongly recommend printing this out. I use it on a daily basis.
Ottoman Grammar bookThis is an excellent book for learning the basics of the language. It will teach you how to read and speak in Osmanli Turkish
1910 Ottoman IncilThis is good to read to practice your Osmanli Turkish.
John 1Here you can read the first chapter of John in Osmanli Turkish. It also has transliteration. This was transliterated by William Barker
History of the Turkish BibleLearn the history of the Turkish Bible. This covers the intial attempts up until current times. This ebook is updated frequently.

Type in Turkish or Osmanli

Do you need to type a document in Osmanli Turkish? Make sure to check out this program we have put together. Turkish Typer


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