Reachout to illiterate people groups p5: using media

When I wrote the previous article, I thought I would be done in this series. However, there is one area that I forgot to mention. MEDIA.

When I first started reaching out to the Turkmen, the first thing I did was start distributing the Jesus film.


There are a lot of different options when it comes to using media. One of the better videos is the God Story. Their video can be copied onto disc, and used in many languages.

Getting a DVD duplicator really helps this process. We have two of these devices that we use on a daily basis. We use them in general evangelism.  We run a table that we have written ????? ?????  free Bibles, on it. People come and take dvds and Bibles from it.

Using media is helpful for both literate and illiterate. Generally speaking, it is often difficult to get an unbeliever to read. It is often great to use dvd as a wait to get him interested / hungry for the Gospel.

In addition to the God Story project, and the Jesus film project, there are other projects that are around. In Arabic there is another group called God Stories which are also great for teaching various Bible stories to give people a good foundation.

Another option is to make your own media. I have found this as being a very good teaching option. Max7 has many various cartoons of the parables that include great graphics and background music. You can either show them without narration or record your own. We have made various ones of these. Here is a clip we have put together for use among the Turkmen.

Making videos can very helpful. You can either put them on a laptop and take them to homes, or you can convert them to cellphone format and pass around the videos to other people that way.

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Using Media

Reachout to illiterate people groups p5: using media
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