Training videos

During our team meetings here, we usually have a time of sharing highlights from the week, prayer, schedules, then I like to do something for training. We have been using storying methods a lot in the refugee camps among the Syrian Refugees.

For the training, I usually have one team member share two Bible Stories, as they would to a Muslim audience. Afterwords we discuss what lessons would be best to point out to the Muslim from the story.

Last week, I stumbled upon this gem, and shared it in the meeting and will continue to do so until we get through the video series. The videos are meant for children but are quite good for adults, and could teach anyone who is doing storying a trick or two. Pay attention to some of the questions that he is asking, and how he keeps everyone involved in the discussion. Big Malc Bible

Training videos
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  1. I liked the stories “Big Malcolm” told and his illustrations made them so much better, but which particular story where you referring to in your blog of Aug 17, 2014. I read the blog on Apr 5, 2015 and can’t tell. Thank you in advance because I like all the sories he told.;-)

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