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This book was written in Lebanon. The author is unknown, and the content is not copywritten, so I have taken the effort of retyping it so that you the visitor, may learn how to share your faith with Muslims.

This E-Book is brought to you by Arabs for Christ Feel free to look around, when you finish reading the E-book. Our messageboards are full of believers, like you who wish to see the Muslim world come to know Jesus.


Have you ever had the opportunity to talk with a Muslim and try to explain the Gospel to him? If so, you've probably discovered that simply sharing the essential points of the Gospel is not enough to win a Muslim to Christ.

Booklets such as the "Four Spiritual Laws" and "Knowing God Personally" are very often effective tools in explaining the Gospel to Muslims. You must be prepared, however, because once you've finished sharing such a booklet you will find that your discussion has only just begun. In my 25 years of full0time ministry, rarely have I seen a Muslim pray to receive Christ immediately after the Four Laws were shared with him. Recently a brother and I saw two Muslims come to the Lord, but only after a period of four months. Both of these men had seen the JESUS film, and there is a prayer at the end of the film that is the same in the Four Laws. One of them, a businessmen, prayed with tears in his eyes! Still, it took months to explain the Gospel to them.

The reason for this is that there are five major issues concerning the very nature of God, Christ, and the Bible which must be worked through and which a Muslim must understand before he will be prepared to accept the Gospel and make a commitment to Christ. The following material is designed to give you a basic understanding of these issues. Now one might say, "Why not simply add these to the Four Laws and then distribute it?" Although this may seem like a good idea, it leads to one important consideration: everything in Muslim culture is based on relationships. You cannot hand a Gospel presentation to a Muslim and say, "Here's how to become a Christian" and then leave. On the contrary, you must be prepared to spend time with him - to discuss, argue, debate and even to laugh and to cry with him. Only then is it possible to see someone become a true believer.

Another appoach would be to look into Bible Storying.

I have just completed work on this book that details how I began to work among the Turkmen.

The Turkmen are a minority group that are found throughout the Middle East. This book combines both instruction and also personal stories of my time with them.

Although, you might not be dealing with the Turkmen, the lessons in this book can help you wherever you find yourself serving.

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