Translation Update: help needed

After the team got kicked out of Lebanon, I haven’t been keeping up with the website as much. Sometime when the Lord permits and a team is reformed then things will probably start showing up on here again. Until then my main focus has been the translation of the New Testament into the Levantine Turkmen […]

Let us pray for Saul

When I open up facebook, my updates are full of people posting, Pro Israel or Pro Palestinian or Pro Kurdish or Pro Turkmen or Pro whatever. Their pro pages always call for bloodshed on the behalf of the people they are wishing to support. However as Christians what should our response be to all the […]

Safety in the Middle East

This past week there was an explosion roughly a few blocks from my house. It was a car bombing, here in Beirut that most people have heard about. As a result, a lot of people ask me, “Don’t you feel afraid?” Short answer, “no”. If you look at crime rates in the Middle East, and […]

A tough time to be a missionary

As a result of the protests going on in the Middle East, it has become quite a bit more difficult, in an already difficult land to preach the Gospel. Many people are simply afraid to be seen as “An American”. It can be difficult, even for non American missionaries in the Middle East, as many […]

Chat is back online

Sorry to all who were wanting to use the chatrooms. They are now back online and the rest of the AFC server is now back online. Enter Chat

Arab Spring guide for missionaries

There have been a lot of changes that have taken place over the past six months. Most of my information comes from people on the field that I have met with. Egypt, seems to have been fading into the background of most people’s mind. Being the largest Arab country (by population) it is also the […]

Egypt: Are things looking better or worse?

For anyone who is interested in evangelism in the Middle East, Egypt should be an item of interest. Egypt has over 82 million people, making it by far the largest Arab country. There are many believers in Egypt. Most of them are from the native Orthodox (Coptic) Church. However, there are also many that are […]

Libya who will go

As waves of change have been sweeping the region, I heard a fellow missionary asking “Who will go to Libya?” There is a great possibility of freedom finally blossoming in the Middle East. There exists both a possibility of the entire Arab world being open for the Gospel, or going even to worse than before. […]

Tunisia: Polish Priest killed

Tunisia has generally been a very secular country over the years. However, since the fall of the previous regime many have been worried that an Islamic party might come into power. This is also something that is widely feared throughout all the new revolutions taking place throughout the Arab World.

Concern over hostages in Egypt

CAIRO, EGYPT (BosNewsLife)– There was concern Sunday, February 13, about the future of hostages held by human traffickers in Egypt’s Sinai Desert, including children, amid an uncertain security situation following the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak after unprecedented protests against his rule. Christian rights investigators said an eleven-year-old Eritrean boy, known only as Abriel, is […]